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Luigi Sciambarella
Arkaitz Eskarmendi
Linda Leblanc
Thomas Hasenberger
Andrea Berger
Luigi Sciambarella

Luigi Sciambarella

Residential and Outreach Trainer

My journey into the exploration of consciousness began at an early age. This wasn’t deliberate – answers to some of life’s biggest questions arrived before I had a chance to ask them! My early non-physical and lucid dreaming experiences left me with the knowledge that there is much more going on than what we can perceive through our physical senses.

As I progressed through school and university, I became increasingly interested in understanding different aspects of mind and consciousness; which resulted in obtaining a BSc in Psychology. Whilst the degree itself didn’t really answer any of my questions, it was during my time at university that I was involved in many personal experiments involving hypnosis and Hemi-Sync®. As in childhood, my experiences took off – I had many OBEs and lucid dreams, and have kept a detailed journal ever since.

After being introduced to Bob Monroe’s tools and research, I became very interested in the simplicity of using non-invasive technology to explore and expand human potential. After wonderful experiences on TMI courses, I decided to become an Outreach facilitator to help as many people as possible to experience more of their total selves, whilst enjoying this great opportunity for personal growth.

As a residential facilitator, I’m dedicated to bringing more weekend and residential programs to the UK, and am involved in helping to build an explorer community as the UK Local Chapter Network Regional Co-Ordinator. I also support TMI as a professional member; taking part in experimental research and developing new applications for the technology, such as in the Lucid Dreaming Intensive program that I co-created with Thomas Hasenberger.

Email :luigi@monroeinstituteuk.org

Arkaitz Eskarmendi

Arkaitz Eskarmendi

Residential and Outreach Trainer

Arkaitz (“Arki”) was born in San Sebastian, Spain. Since childhood he felt that something was missing in life and started his quest for the `missing factor´ at a very early age. Along the years he tried many tools and techniques for self development, trying to unveil the depths of human consciousness.

While working on his master’s degree on International Trade and Logistics, Arkaitz was given the opportunity to read Bob Monroe’s books. Reading about Bobs experiences, along with a first contact with the Hemi-Sync technology provided an unmistakable sense of `this is the way to go´. And this is the way he went until, before he knew he became a TMI Outreach and Residential Trainer. Now he trains both weekend and Residential programs. He is also a member of the Monroe Institute’s Professional Division and Local Chapter Regional Coordinator for Spain and Portugal.
Using Hemi-Sync® on a regular basis, personally, with program participants and with individual clients, has brought a sense of purpose and fulfillment to life that is hard to describe. Life has turned into an incredible adventure, full of meaning and mystery.
Arkaitz also helps people improve their lives with coaching, hypnosis and other techniques.

journey into the exploration of consciousness began at an early age.

Email :info@monroeinstitute-europe.org

Linda Leblanc

Linda Leblanc

Residential and Outreach Trainer

Linda, a Canadian and a naturalized Cypriot, has been an Outreach Facilitator since 2000, and a member of the Professional Division since 1997. She offers Hemi-Sync workshops from her base in the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. She has attended ten residential programs at The Monroe Institute in Virginia and is currently a Residential Facilitator in Europe.

Both a lecturer and a writer, her articles have appeared in magazines and publications in Cyprus and the USA. She contributed an article, “Hemi-Sync in Cyprus”, for the book “Focusing the Whole Brain”, edited by Ronald Russell, published 2004 by Hampton Roads. TMI “Focus” has published seven of her articles, as follows: “Magical Mystical Tours”, Spring 1997; “PSI and Hemi-Sync, Part I”, Summer 1998; “Inaugural Cyprus Gateway Voyage”, Summer 1999; “PSI and Hemi-Sync, Part II”, Winter 1999; “A Father’s Parting Gifts”, Spring/Summer 2002; “An Informal Research Project with a Hearing-Impaired Participant”, Winter 2006; “Getting it Out There: Hemi-Sync comes to Cairo”, Summer/Fall 2007

With her husband, she co-authored Awakening Far Memory: Reincarnation Cards(2007), a unique book and card set which combines ancient wisdom and quantum metaphysics to evoke glimpses into other incarnations.

In 1997, she completed the Summer Study Program at the Institute for Parapsychology (Rhine Research Center) and subsequently co-founded PSYCHOGNOSIA, a not-for-profit organization based in Cyprus, for the study and the dissemination of scientifically accurate information on the paranormal.

In 2006 she entered politics, making history in Cyprus as the first foreign-born person to be elected to public office. She continues to pursue interests in philosophy, consciousness, the paranormal, including UFO phenomenon, sacred sites, ancient civilizations and sustainable community issues.


Contact Linda Leblanc:
P.O. Box 62064
Paphos 8060, Cyprus (CY)357-26-621262

Email: psygnos@spidernet.com.cy

Thomas Hasenberger

Thomas Hasenberger

Residential and Outreach Trainer

Thomas is an Outreach Trainer in Germany and the LCN Regional Co-Ordinator for Europe. He has a background in mechanical engineering, consulting and auditing (especially for educational organisations), and currently works for a German institute which educates psychotherapists.

Thomas has been using Hemi-Sync® in daily practice for over 10 years, and has applied the technology in his teachings and lectures on thanatology, lucid dreaming, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Thomas is an experienced lucid dreamer and has shared his knowledge and insights extensively in Germany, Belarus and Austria.

Thomas is a member of TMI’s Professional Division.

Email: ht@thomashasenberger.com
Website: www.thomashasenberger.com

Andrea Berger

Andrea Berger

Residential and Outreach Trainer

Andrea Berger grew up in Bucharest, Romania, and has traveled throughout India studying yoga and meditation on inner light and sound. She now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and their two children.

Andrea retired from a large consumer goods company, where she worked for 22 years as an Information Technology manager. She is an accredited trainer at The Monroe Institute® (TMI), a certified VortexHealing®Energy Healer, a Reiki Master, and an enthusiastic Yoga practitioner. She earned a Masters in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University founded by Edgar Cayce in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Andrea is also the founder and president of the non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization “Association for Consciousness Evolution, Inc.” with the mission to accelerate the evolution of consciousness through education, practical exploration and personal transformation. Since 2010, Andrea has trained many TMI programs in Romania, including Gateway Voyage®, Lifeline, Guidelines®, and Exploration 27®.

She is the TMI Local Chapter Network Regional Coordinator for the Upper Midwest Region and the Local Chapter Leader in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also served on the TMI Local Chapter Network Leadership Council and is a member of TMI’s Board of Advisors.

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: 001 (513) 515-4046

Email: aberger@cinci.rr.com
Website: www.meetup.com/TMI-Cincinnati


I have made more progress…since your course than I had in the previous 3 years. I wanted you to know how grateful I am and the fact that you two have potentially changed my focus on life to a much more loving, richer and happier perception.

R.L. Lucid Dreaming Intensive Graduate

I felt like I got a reboot and am feeling more creative and connected than ever!


I spent eight years in a one on one apprenticeship with a Toltec shaman learning to shift awareness and perception. With Hemi-Sync I was getting similar results in only a matter of days!


Thank you first of all for the marvelous workshop…I will continue to do Hemi-Sync work to bring my mind to that place which can benefit from these works. Thanks especially for the conversation and powerful guidance given me on our way home; that last phrase strikes me as significant. I think we are all on a journey home, and our work is to help all our fellow travelers.

F.S. Going Home Graduate

It’s been an amazing weekend for me. I’m looking forward to experimenting with what I have learned. Once again, Thank You for everything.

K.B. Excursion Workshop Graduate

The CD’s arrived yesterday and my Dad tried out the sleeping one last night. He slept from 12.30 until 08.55 this morning, this is incredible and the first deep and full nights sleep he has had in years and years!!! He is amazed and delighted.


It was a delight for me and I’ve been able to shift some of that heavy knotting in my energy and I feel more in smoother flow.

K.L. Excursion Workshop Graduate

This workshop provides essential TMI techniques for introductory exploration into the self and energy…It is excellent as an initial course for a group, and the relaxed yet informative style…created the great atmosphere.

D.N. Excursion Workshop Graduate

Two days after the event, I had a profound experience of body paralysis and strange vibrations, then what I can only describe as dropping out of body somewhere else.

S.R. Into the Light Workshop Graduate

The Lucid Dreaming Intensive was one of my favorite programs. We learned that our dreams can be a great source of inner guidance and problem solving.  It was a week full of exciting revelations and new experiences beyond this physical body of mine.

G.C. Lucid Dreaming Intensive Graduate

Lucid Dreaming is one of the best programs I’ve taken at TMI! I was challenged to redefine my distinctions between waking and sleep, between life and death. For the first time I experienced, rather than understood, consciousness as a continuum.

L.F. Lucid Dreaming Intensive Graduate

There are many ways to have an OBE [out of body experience]. This pathway is the one that worked best for me.

D.A. Lucid Dreaming Intensive Graduate

I have been searching high and low all my life, for a way to understand what my life is for and who I am…Late in life, I knew deeply I needed a way of knowing facts about Reality that I could use to take me through, a way that was mine alone and yet belonged to all of us here on Earth. Thanks to the work of Bob Monroe, the Gateway experience showed me my need could be answered.

J.G. Gateway Voyage Graduate

I achieved more than I expected on many levels. I knew I had become “stuck”…then came Gateway and the blockage was removed…a truly remarkable journey of which I am still amazed to have been a part of.

J.R. Gateway Voyage Graduate

I had just finished reading a book on lucid dreaming and I didn’t really know what to expect from the weekend. I had experimented with lucid dreaming with moderate results. That was until I attended the excursion…Over the 2 days I had several lucid dreams to help clarify further just what it is I want from life.

D.B. Excursion Graduate


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