Clarity, Strength and Flexibility

Where: Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire

Prerequisite: No previous experience with Monroe Sound Science or Monroe Institute tools is required.

Cost: £1395 per person
(6 nights’ all-inclusive: Includes all meals – home-cooked, lodging, seminar activities)
£100 early booking discount if booked 90 days before the start date.

GoCardless Direct Debit payment plans available on request.

2023 Dates:

28 April – 5 May (Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire)

Sometimes the most important conversations are the most difficult to engage in

Jeanne Phillips

Perhaps you are looking to become more assertive in certain situations but worry about being egotistical or selfish? Perhaps there are particular people or situations where you struggle to express yourself and are left feeling that you weren’t true to yourself? Or perhaps there are people or situations where you feel yourself becoming easily angered or aggressive? This retreat is designed to enable you to find new ways to address these kinds of situations. It will explore how we communicate with ourselves and others in ways that are powerful, authentic, and create harmony. Learn some new approaches to tackling difficult conversations and communication dilemmas.

On this retreat, we will explore how to be as authentic as possible in our communication with ourselves and others. We will experientially explore each of the areas below through a mixture of, formal teaching, bodywork, practical exercises and meditation.

You will leave the workshop with a felt sense of how to honour yourself and others in the communication situation. You will learn practical techniques for relaxation, listening and clear expression. The retreat will provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring how to work with some of our own “difficult conversations” and communication dilemmas so that you can apply the learnings from the retreat to the whole of your life.

We will learn techniques of the body, and mind!

Some of the areas that we will be exploring:


  • Non-verbal communication
  • Live relaxation
  • Energy connection


Working towards communication that is:

  • Accurate
  • Kind
  • Useful
  • Harmonious


  • Communication as meditation
  • Listening skills and styles
  • Owning our strength

Other areas we will explore:

  • Influence vs manipulation
  • Cultural hypnosis, understanding how we are conditioned
  • How to ask better questions – it has been said that the quality of your life is the quality of your questions!
  • Clarity and elegance in communication – powerful ways of using language to overcome judgement
  • The law of resonance – you get what you focus on
  • Owning your true power- learn 4 simple principles to creating harmony
  • Inter and Intra – learning how the way speak to ourselves conditions how we listen to and communicate with others

The retreat has a strong emphasis on learning with and from the wisdom of the body. When you leave the retreat, you will have:

  • Experienced even more of your ability to communicate effectively
  • Learned some powerful ways to use language
  • Learned whole body speaking and listening

Your Course Tutor:

William Hard

William is an expert communicator, as well as being a gifted meditation teacher with thirty years’ experience, he is also an experienced therapist and trainer.

He has worked with people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours and their families to bring about greater understanding and positive changes in behaviour. Bill credits this early part of his career as teaching him great precision in understanding nonverbal and symbolic communication. He was responsible for setting up a community support service for families during this time.

He then became a trainer designing and delivering training in both public and corporate settings he designed and delivered programmes that addressed many areas of human communication, and leadership.

He also worked as a performance coach for business leaders, helping them to develop human qualities in a business setting. Some of his star clients doubled their profits within the first year!

He has over twenty years’ experience of teaching counselling skills, group work skills, assertiveness skills.

He was an ordained Buddhist minister for 20 years and has taught many hundreds of people to meditate and guided them in their on-going practice. He has participated in and led many meditation retreats.

WIlliam has had a lifelong interest in hypnosis (he read his first book when on the topic when he was nine!)

For the last two decades, he has worked as a hypno-psychotherapist. As well as enjoying clinical work with individuals he has been a trainer of hypnotherapists for many years. He is also a Certified Instructor, and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist in the USA. He currently teaches for the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, a UKCP accredited college. In fact, when The National College was looking to redesign their foundational hypnotherapy component, he was their first port of call! Likewise, when COVID-19 forced the NCHP training to go online William was instrumental in the re-design. The principal of the NCHP states that the reasons for this were twofold – “his extraordinary ability to create human connection and his deeply intuitive understanding of the mechanics and subtleties of creating and maintaining effective therapeutic relationships.”