flowers3Where: TBC

Prerequisite: Going Home

Cost: £175 per person
(includes all materials and use of technology)
£25 Friend Discount available if two book on together.

2016 Dates:

The workshop runs from 9.30am until 6.30pm Saturday and 9.30am until 5.30pm Sunday.

Beyond Going Home is a graduate workshop, designed to enable participants to further develop and enhance their experience of the states of human consciousness beyond the familiar time/space continuum. In particular, the purpose is to deepen their understanding of the state that Robert Monroe designated Focus 27 and the preceding Belief System Territories.

Beyond Going Home opens the possibility of making contact and communicating with those no longer in physical form who may have messages to give or may need assistance in moving onward.  It also provides opportunities for participants to further their understanding of themselves, and perhaps also to retrieve lost parts and fragments of themselves, thus enabling them to come into greater wholeness and balance.

The first part of the workshop provides the opportunity for personal exploration in different ways and to refresh the experience of Going Home. The second part continues to explore further those states of consciousness beyond the time/space continuum. It also incorporates exercises to help build understanding and knowledge of the Total Self.

This course is non-residential. Please contact us if you require information on local accommodation. Please bring lunch.