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  1. Hi Hemi Sync,

    From tie to time on going to bed at night I experience that common prelude to an OBE – the paralysis and intense vibrations. Unfortunatly I have little control over the frequency of the experience or what happens latterly after transitioning through the vibrations and therefore wish to learn how to get to the threshold of this state more easily and what to do afterwards. Only recently did I learn not fight the experience and since then the fear associated with the ‘ vibration state’ is greatly reduced. However now I seem to just black out when start to get intresting. My reasons for wishing to pursue this line of research are far from trivial. I am a composer with an academic background in both the arts and sciences ( physics ) with a fair technical understanding of TRom Cambell and Bruce Lipton’s work and now wish to further my own research into hidden realms. Any advice you might give me will be greatly appreciated. Furthermore if you would point me in the direction of the techniques Bob Monroe and his team divsed in the 70s or the more update ones, in order that I might be able to achieve OBE voluntarily, I’d be equally grateful for this info. Also how does one develop this technique? I need to find out what to do once I am in another date stream.

  2. Hello,
    If you have not done it yet, have a look at William Buhlman (you tube and books and also on Bob Monroe web site as he worked with him and still works with the institute).
    I have used his techniques and had some good results (but it requires dedication…).
    Good exploring!

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