Where: Zoom

Prerequisite: No previous experience with Hemi-Sync® and other Monroe Institute tools is required.

Cost: £90 per person

2021 Dates:

15 May (Spaces available)

A one day work shop and retreat. Start time is 10am until 5pm UK time. Lunch break from 1-2pm.

“Just as the great ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so also this teaching and discipline has one taste, the taste of liberation.”

The Buddha (from the Udana)

Your trainers are Bill Hard, a long-term meditator of 50 years, ordained Buddhist for 20 years and Hypnotherapy practitioner and educator, and Luigi Sciambarella, Monroe Institute Residential and Virtual Trainer.

What if meditation was natural and effortless?

Reconnect with your natural ability to meditate! Meditation and mindfulness aren’t about techniques, rather they are remembering of your own nature and natural abilities. It all starts with coming to value the experience you already have!

A blend of traditional and modern approaches looking at how to take your experience and practice of mindfulness beyond a tool for calming you down.

We will be introducing key themes that will show you how mindfulness is a tool for experiencing life more richly and joyfully.

Many people struggle with ideas like:

  • I should be doing this better
  • I don’t think I’m doing this right
  • My mind is too busy to meditate properly
  • I can’t stop the “monkey mind”

Learn how to set these ideas and others like them aside once and for all.

Mindfulness should bring you more than calm and clarity, it should bring joy and appreciation.

We will look at the difference between “training” (what you do as a daily routine of sitting, and “practice” how you apply this in your life.

We will be using both traditional approaches and further supporting that with cutting-edge approaches that use Hemi-Sync audio-guidance technology.

The themes we will be exploring are:

  • Receptivity and Creativity
  • The Taste of Freedom
  • The Flavours of Joy
  • Exploring your True Nature
  • Growing through Joy
  • There are No Negative Emotions only Guidance
  • Opening to Trust

You will learn to…

  • Get beyond the five senses by bringing the senses alive
  • Relax with discomfort
  • Embody your wisdom
  • Release judgment and doubt
  • Extend spirit to create a joyful life
  • Use the three diamonds to create alignment.
  • Connect with your true nature
  • Work with thought – (understanding momentum and the creative use of distraction!)
  • Tune in to your own divine intelligence
  • Sound your note, your lion’s roar!

As this course is about helping you to develop a joyful and useful meditation practice, we will always make time for questions!

Dynamic Mindfulness is offered by Monroe Institute UK and is not an official Monroe Institute workshop.

About Bill

William Hard

I am William Hard, also known as Achalavajra. I am a therapist, and meditation teacher. I have a strong grounding in the Buddha’s teachings as I was an ordained Buddhist for twenty years.

I claim no authority from the Buddhist tradition, nor do I represent any particular school of Buddhist thought.

It is important to me that the individuals experience is sovereign. I am not trying to teach a belief system, rather offer guidance in the exploration of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience.

I see myself as someone who shares learnings and experiences from a lifetime of spiritual exploration. What I teach is drawn from my own understanding of Buddhist teachings, and other sources, and I primarily strive to teach from my own insight and experience in the hope that others may find it helpful.