Journey Into Art – Deeper

Event Details

Where: Slaidburn Village Hall, Forest of Bowland

Prerequisite: Journey Into Art

Cost: £175 per person
(includes all materials and use of technology)
£25 Friend Discount available if two book on together.

2015 Dates:
September 5-6

Are you ready to go deeper?

Journey Into Art – Deeper takes us on an immersive quest to further unleash our creative and artistic potential.

The program builds on the experiences and practical skills acquired during the Journey into Art workshop with a weekend of total immersion in which we harmonise with our natural creative core.

Set in the idyllic village of Slaidburn in the Forest of Bowland, we will be surrounded by natural energies from which we can draw happiness, inspiration, nourishment, and support as we connect with our true essence.

Journey Into Art – Deeper is a learning experience on all levels of being. As we disengage from the typically dissonant experience of our disconnected world, we are given the opportunity to embark on a journey of inner growth and transformation; beyond the limited, grasping ego mind, we arrive at a receptive place of stillness and pure creative potential. From this centred place of unconditional love and support, we can enjoy creating and manifesting freely as we unite with our spiritual source. As we externally recognise, appreciate and integrate the simplicity and beauty of nature, we internally acknowledge that greater part of us which is intrinsically connected with the divine and is continuously undergoing change, growth and evolution.

This weekend workshop is an opportunity to discover and experience nature as a mirror to your true self.

Open the door to living creatively, and join us as we journey deeper into art…

This course is non-residential. Please contact us if you require information on local accommodation.

Please bring lunch.

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