focus levelsStates of Consciousness and Focus™ Levels

As a result of extensive experiential and brainwave research at The Monroe Institute, a simple system of labels (called Focus Levels) was devised to indicate various states or phases of consciousness. These labels are a means of neutral identification, and are used extensively as part of the training process throughout our weekend and week-long experiential programs.

Focus 1 – Normal, everyday waking consciousness.  Completely in phase with physical matter reality.  Also referred to as “C1 Consciousness”.

Focus 10 – The physical body is deeply relaxed while the mind remains conscious, awake and alert. “Mind awake, body asleep.” This is the first state of consciousness explored in our Gateway Voyage program.

Focus 11 – The Access Channel – the ultimate communication channel to all levels of awareness -mental, physical, and emotional.  Opened during each Human Plus® exercise.

Focus 12 – A state of expanded awareness while the body remains deeply relaxed and asleep.

Focus 15 – A state of No-Time. Consciousness is now far removed from physical body signals. Linear time is no longer relevant to experience. Sometimes referred to as the Void or Pure Potential.

Focus 21 – On the very edge of perception of the time/space continuum. Mind remains fully conscious and active. The Bridge to other realities.

Focus 22 – On the border between time/space and non-physical states of being. Comatose.

Focus 23 – The condition in which an individual may find him or herself immediately following physical death. The territory of the ‘new arrivals’.

Focus 24 – The site of non-physical activity generated by simple or primitive religious or cultural beliefs.

Focus 25 – The expression of the major organized religious beliefs in recent human history.

Focus 26 – Here are identified certain areas, few in number, containing the structures and knowledge of various highly individual religious and other beliefs based on direct experience of self.
(Focus Levels 24 to 26 are referred to as the Belief System Territories; thought-responsive environments that are explored extensively during the Lifeline and Exploration 27 programs)

Focus 27 – The edge of human thought capacity. The site of a way-station (not a terminus) for rest and recovery from the trauma of physical death, for reviewing life events and for planning the next phase of life.

Focus 34/35 – The area of the Gathering. Beings from many other locations within the physical universe are gathered here to witness the upcoming Earth Changes. First mentioned in Bob Monroe’s second book, Far Journeys.

Focus 42 – I-There cluster consciousness.

Focus 49 – Sea of I-There clusters.

Robert Monroe discusses phasing: