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Going HomeWhere: The Sanctuary of Healing, Lancashire

Prerequisite: Exploring Consciousness

Cost: £195 per person. (Includes tuition, all materials and use of technology)
£25 Friend Discount available if two book on together.

2023 Dates:

The workshop runs from 10.00am until 5.30pm Saturday and until 5.00pm Sunday.

Going Home is a weekend program open to graduates of the Exploring Consciousness workshop. After a review of Focus™ Levels 10 and 12, you are provided with access to states of consciousness beyond those experienced at the Exploring Consciousness workshop (Focus™ 15 through to Focus™ 27) through the application of sound patterns researched and developed over forty years by the Monroe Institute, and known as Hemispheric Synchronization, or Hemi-Sync® for short.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, world-famous authority on death and dying, and Charles Tart, PhD, renowned researcher of altered states of consciousness, collaborated with Robert Monroe to create this unparalleled opportunity for personal growth and expanded awareness. The exercises carry you far along the continuum of consciousness to experience independence from the physical body. In addition, it offers a means whereby the individual can be helped to overcome the common fear of physical death.

The Going Home exercises may also assist family, friends and care-givers to understand and accept what is happening when a loved one is approaching death and to provide support for them by helping to relieve the stress of the situation.

Going Home guides the individual through the various physiological states similar to the typical stages of sleep – with a major exception: the mind remains awake and alert while the body exhibits all the signs of deepening sleep. As the learning progresses, fewer and fewer physical body nerve signals enter the mind until a basic conclusion is reached: the human mind-consciousness does not require such signals in order to exist and be active.

The learning system then provides the experience of guided visits and tours into states of consciousness just beyond space-time. Those with profound religious beliefs may identify states of being that are familiar, although no particular religious pattern is part of the process. In many listeners, a feeling of remembering may arise during these tours which can significantly alter their mental and emotional set when they return to physical wakefulness, yet no specific memory suggestion is provided.

The exercises selected for this course are intended for your own personal interest and development. The more practice you have in moving into altered states of consciousness, the more you enrich your personal experience.

This course is non-residential and is not an Official Monroe Institute program. Please contact us if you require information on local accommodation. Please bring lunch.

The Going Home® take-home series also includes variants of the exercises specially designed for individuals with terminal illness. Some of these are almost identical to those we shall be using on the course with only the final messages differing.

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