Where: Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire

Prerequisite: Gateway Voyage®

Cost: £1350 per person
(6 nights’ all-inclusive: Includes all meals, lodging, seminar activities, and local airport/station pick-up and drop-off)
£100 early booking discount if booked 60 days in advance.

GoCardless Direct Debit payment plans available on request.

Future Dates:

The program runs from 4pm on the first day until breakfast of the last day, inclusive.

To love and accept others deeply, you must first first develop love and acceptance for yourself.

Join us for a 5-day/6-night journey into Heart Consciousness to explore your greater capacity for joy, love, and trust. TMI’s Heartline program gently guides you through the gateway into a greater capacity to live from the heart. Using the Hemi-Sync® sound frequencies of Focus 18, Heartline weaves powerful audio-guidance technology and techniques to support you in exploring your awareness of self while creating space for emotional healing.

You have the ability to generate love and send it out consciously to the world:

  • Access Greater Depths of Your Being
  • Open to Greater Self Love and Self Acceptance
  • Facilitate Emotional Healing
  • Experience Gratitude Flowing Within Your Body
  • Go Beyond Your Limitations and Transform Your Beliefs

The heart is the source of love in our being. Fill the world with more love!

Guidelines builds upon skills acquired during the Gateway Voyage program, further exploring Focus Level 15 (“No Time”) and Focus Level 21 (“The Bridge”), the state between the physical and non-physical.  During this deeply meditative journey, experience our audio guidance technology fused with phasing signals derived from brain mapping.  Special Hemi-Sync® sound frequencies will support you in expanding your consciousness beyond your physical body and establishing communication with your inner guidance.

Come Have a Near Life Experience.  Reacquaint Yourself with Your Feelings and Remember Who You Are.

Heartline is an advanced program open to graduates of Gateway Voyage®Heartline brings greater awareness of compassion for self and others. Heartline is offered only twice this year. We highly recommend reserving your space in advance.

Trainer and Program Developer:

Penny Holmes, is the stepdaughter of founder Robert Monroe, developed Heartline in 1995 and has led this transformational program for over 20 years. Penny has been deeply involved in supporting thousands of program participants in exploring, understanding, and using expanded states of consciousness. She is a graduate of the Energy Mastery School in Europe, the Hoffman Quadrinity and the Whitewinds Institute of Energy Medicine.  She has also completed in-depth studies in Shamanism, Rosicrucian teachings, Earth Energy, Sacred Geometry and Biogeometry. In addition to being exceptionally insightful, Penny Holmes is best known for her dry sense of humor.

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Note: Accommodation is based on two people sharing a room. Please indicate on your application form if you require a single room. A single room supplement charge may apply.