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Hemi-Sync® – Using Binaural Beat Sound Technology to improve Meditation and Mindfulness

Hemi-Sync®, short for hemispheric synchronisation, is an audio-guidance, binaural beat technology developed by consciousness pioneer, Robert Monroe. Through extensive brainwave research, Monroe and his team observed that specific sound patterns could safely and gently guide the brain into various states ranging from deep relaxation or sleep to expanded mindfulness or “extraordinary” states.

The audio-guidance process works quite simply by sending different sounds (tones) to each ear by stereo headphones. The two hemispheres of the brain then act in unison to “hear” a third signal – the difference between the two tones. This is not an actual sound but an electrical signal that can only be perceived by both brain hemispheres working together. The result is a focused, whole-brained state known as hemispheric synchronisation, or “Hemi-Sync®” an optimal condition for improving human performance.

Specific combinations of Hemi-Sync® signals, for example, can help you to achieve laser-like focus and concentration. Different Hemi-Sync® signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, expanded awareness or other desired states. Depending on your intended goals, Hemi-Sync® can be combined with music, verbal guidance or subtle sound effects to strengthen its effectiveness. You will remain in total control as these recordings do not contain subliminal messages. Hemispheric synchronisation does occur naturally in daily life but typically only for random, brief periods. Hemi-Sync® can assist you in achieving and sustaining this highly productive, coherent, brain-wave state.

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Hemi-Sync® Metamusic®

Music exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync® for a variety of benefits. Metamusic® is more than music.


From soul-stirring New Age to dramatic ambient, and the timeless popularity of classical, Metamusic® audio exercises combine delightful musical selections with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats sound technologies to entertain and benefit the listener. Many titles feature special blends of Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies to slow excess mental activity in order to facilitate meditation or support deeper, more profound relaxation. Other selections feature a predominance of Beta frequencies for focus and concentration, or Delta frequencies for sleep enhancement. Metamusic® exercises are experiential and may be used to facilitate a given application or simply for musical enjoyment (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery).

Hemi-Sync® Metamusic® Atmospheres

Atmospheric Metamusic® combined with Hemi-Sync®.

Metamusic® Atmospheres is a new category to our product line, and features relaxation or meditation atmospheric music mixed with audio technology Hemi-Sync® for an enhanced experiential journey. While some of our Metamusic titles include atmospheric music, Metamusic Atmospheres titles contain atmospheric music exclusively. The absence of a discernible melody line lends itself to unreserved exploration, often enabling the listener to fall deeper into the frequencies for what is sometimes a more profound relaxation and meditation experience.

Hemi-Sync® Mind Food®

Achieve brain synchronization with verbal guidance and sound wave methods. Mind Food® audio exercises do not contain music.


These selections incorporate verbal guidance and/or subtle sound effects along with specially blended Hemi-Sync® frequencies and sound patterns designed to help you achieve and sustain synchronized brain wave activity in both hemispheres of your brain. As with Metamusic® recordings, Mind Food® selections are available for a wide variety of uses ranging from mindfulness meditations or focused attention to stress management and sleep enhancement, or for other practical everyday applications.

Hemi-Sync® Human Plus®

Human Plus®, or H-Plus® is a means of utilizing the immense power of the subconscious to affect change in your life.


Each H-Plus (or Function) exercise contains precise combinations of Hemi-Sync® frequencies that gently draw you into an extraordinarily receptive, whole-brain state while establishing the Access Channel – the ultimate communication channel to all levels of awareness – mental, physical, and emotional. By design, the Access Channel is opened during each Function Exercise, allowing you to learn a different Function Command (short, verbal cue) ranging from controlling your appetite to increasing your energy. Once the Function Command has become encoded while the Access Channel is open you can then call upon or “activate” that Function at any time, on demand, in everyday life situations. The H-Plus series offers a different kind of pathway to new levels of freedom – to becoming Human Plus.

Hemi-Sync® Series

These titles include multiple brain sync exercises in a series designed for specific applications.


All include verbal guidance exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats and subtle sound effects or background music.

Hemi-Sync® Gateway Experience®

Mind Awakening albums that help you achieve expanded awareness.


The Gateway Experience® In-Home Training Series is dedicated to developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness. Beginning with Discovery, there are six “albums” called “Waves of Change.” Each Wave (6 guided exercises) contains special Hemi-Sync® exercises designed to gently lead the listener into deep states of expanded awareness. While in such states, one has available a broader range of perceptions with which to solve problems, develop creativity or obtain guidance. Each album is progressive in nature, building on the tools and techniques from the previous albums. Therefore, the albums must be used sequentially. The Gateway Experience Guidance Manuals, included with each Wave, prepare you for these exercises which help you to know and better understand your total self so you might enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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