Blue Moon Journey

Natural sounds transport you to a place of ageless wisdom.



SKU: MF080

Product Description

Recorded live near a wooded lake under a blue moon in the Virginia countryside, this captivating recording by A.J. Honeycutt features the sound of frogs, crickets, insects, and all sounds of the night. Brief verbal guidance encourages you to relax and breathe in the fresh night air, exploring this realm in your mind and body. Connect with the earth, those elements you are made of, with this experience as rare and powerful as the blue moon itself. Length: 57 minutes

Another title by A.J. Honeycutt is Streamhaven

A.J. Honeycutt tells us more about his unique release:

Blue Moon Journey reflects an experience I had while making binaural recordings one night above a lake nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. For years I had scouted locations for the appropriate ‘soundstage’ and when the timing and weather was correct I pounced. It was very dynamic as it was the night of a blue moon and it was very clear. And though recorded over many hours, we have edited the content to reflect the passage of the whole night, sequentially, during the fifty minutes of this exercise. So in essence, you can ‘hear’ the moon cross the sky via the voices of the natural surroundings.

The impetus behind the project was the sense that in this world of huge connectivity and digital landscape, we’re really not that connected. It is our culture now to be fast-paced and attached to an electronic device and to involve ourselves with the worlds created there. This exercise is designed for you to be able to ground yourself, to get back to earth using digital technology, and explore your connection to it and yourself. Once there you can safely relax and wander in your mind, explore,or take a really great nap. It’s virtual camping without the gear.”

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