Land of Spirit

Astral music carries you into the realm of spirit for a deeply comforting experience.




Product Description

This elegant fusion of electronic space music is a perfect soundscape for deep meditation and exploration. Musical artists Craig Padilla, Richard Roberts and Skip Murphy have crafted a graceful musical landscape that, combined with Hemi-Sync® frequencies, holds you in a space of expanded awareness and peace. Instruments include analog synths and flutes. Length: 64 minutes

“Escape to the LAND OF SPIRIT, a musical sanctuary where you are surrounded by ethereal sonics, enchanting effects and vast, spacious melodies. Musicians Craig Padilla, Richard Roberts and Skip Murphy present an ambient trancescape that is very conducive toward meditation and healing work. The music features synths that flow and oscillate, while keyboard tones meander along and spacey effects add color. Includes Hemi-Sync’s brainwave synchronization technology.” — Music Design eReview, Dec. 15, 2014

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