Sacred Realms with Hemi-Sync®

Enjoy a musical odyssey to mystical dimensions with the visionary music of Michel Genest.



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Product Description

Enjoy this musical odyssey to mystical dimensions with the rich melodies of gifted musician Michel Genest. This inspiring musical soundtrack blends essential elements of earth and sky with Hemi-Sync® frequencies, aiding in the progression of a deeper state of consciousness. Michel uses a variety of computer software and electronic keyboards to create an exquisite tapestry of music and sounds, providing a truly unique listening experience. Length: 57 minutes.

“This new release, Sacred Realms, is a quite exotic Visionary foray through some gorgeous inner paradises. Returning with grandeur to the more narrative rhythmic form of music reminiscent of his collaboration with Anton Mizerak, Genest has created a beautiful work of art which, with the support of the well done brainwave matrix, takes the listener to deep gardens of spectacular yet delicate splendor.

After so many years of querying and finding nothing new, it is a great pleasure to me to acquire this album and experience how the artist has grown and developed over these years. That it is a work of such depth as to guarantee discoveries on many subsequent listens has me pleased and a bit effusive. I wish I could say something critical, for balance (you understand,) but can’t think of anything.”   Darv Krizton, Visionary Sound Arts Interface (read full review here:

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