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An Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Prerequisite: No previous experience with Hemi-Sync® and other Monroe Institute tools is required

Where: TBC

When: TBC

Have you ever become aware that you were dreaming during a dream? Have you ever wondered what you could do with that state of endless potential? Do you wonder what your weird and wonderful dreams mean? Or are you just curious to know what lucid dreaming is and how it can help you with your daily life?

‘An Introduction to Lucid Dreaming’ is facilitated by Luigi Sciambarella, an experienced lucid dreamer and trainer for the world-renowned Monroe Institute. He will be your guide on this immersive, introductory journey by teaching you about what you can do with lucid dreaming, the neuroscience behind it, and cultivating meditative techniques that deepen emotional and physical relaxation. Throughout the weekend, you will directly explore deeper, expanded awareness states as you learn the process of consciously interacting with your dreams.

You will also begin to deepen your relationship with those hidden parts of yourself which guide your thoughts and behaviours from behind the scenes, as well as bring more awareness into that third of our lives that we spend sleeping.

During this weekend workshop, you will learn to:

Luigi Sciambarella discussing Lucid Dreaming and his new Hemi-Sync album on Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming

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