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Where: The Sanctuary of Healing, Lancashire

Prerequisite: No prior drawing or Hemi-Sync experience required

Cost: £175 per person
(includes all materials and use of technology)
£25 Friend Discount available if two book on together.

2019 Dates:
13 – 14 April

Journey Into Art is an immersive weekend workshop where you will be taught the necessary skills for expressing your inner world into the outer world.

The workshop runs from 9.00am until 5.30pm Saturday and 9.00am until 5.30pm Sunday.

Join us on a beautiful journey where you will explore incredibly profound worlds and dive deep within your creative self by using the latest Hemi-Sync and visionary art techniques.

Hemi Sync + Art = Incredible Potential!!

This workshop is perfect for those with no artistic training – absolute beginners – as well as those who enjoy art and/or practice it regularly. Basically, everybody!

* You will learn good basic drawing techniques and will be guided on how to make your conscious explorations into artwork.

* There will be lots and lots of drawing techniques shown, with plenty of deep experiential exercises.

* Plenty of time will be given to practicing these techniques and completing personal works of art which you will take home.

* You will be given help with journaling your experiences through artwork and note making.

* Several paintings from Edward’s Visionary work will be on display and used for meditation and inspiration.

The workshop also includes:

* Working on motivation and procrastination using Hemi-Sync® guided meditations.

* Flow-state gamma technology for opening and maintaining a creative state of consciousness.

* Quantum Questing meditations – specially-designed immersive vision quest meditations for unleashing your creativity.

* Group sharing and collaboration.

Due to the personal and immersive nature of the workshop, group numbers will be limited.
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This course is non-residential. Please contact us if you require information on local accommodation.

Please bring lunch.

For more on Edward Foster’s Visionary Art, please visit

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