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Meditation Retreats

Residential 6 day Meditation Retreats

(Unless otherwise stated, all residential programs commence at 4pm on the Saturday and conclude at 8am on the following Friday. All residential programs are all-inclusive of accommodation, meals, equipment and tuition, as well as local transportation on the date of arrival and departure).

Gateway Voyage®

Gateway Voyage® is the flagship program of The Monroe Institute. Created by Robert Monroe and experienced by thousands of people since the early 1970s, this is a six day residential course designed to teach the core tools, techniques and principles for mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Whilst it can be advantageous to have completed the Excursion Workshop, there are no prerequisites for joining the Gateway Voyage program.


Guidelines® builds upon skills acquired during the Gateway Voyage program, further exploring Focus Level 15 (“No Time”) and Focus Level 21 (“The Bridge”), the state between the physical and non-physical.  During this deeply meditative journey, experience our audio guidance technology fused with phasing signals derived from brain mapping.  Special Hemi-Sync® sound frequencies will support you in expanding your consciousness beyond your physical body and establishing communication with your inner guidance.


Lifeline is a multifaceted graduate program that provides access to states of consciousness beyond those experienced in the Gateway Voyage program. Its primary emphasis is one of service – service to those Here in physical matter reality and service to those There who have made their transitions from the physical and who may benefit from assistance. Gateway Voyage is a prerequisite for joining the Lifeline program.

Exploration 27

Open to graduates of the Lifeline program, Exploration 27 provides the means for a week of immersion within the Park of Focus 27, and an introduction to some of its many functions. This is a week of pioneering, cutting-edge explorations and research. Lifeline is a prerequisite for joining the Exploration 27 program.

Lucid Dreaming Intensive

Learn the tools and techniques necessary to have successful lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is an advanced meditative practice which can be used to gain a greater awareness of yourself, remove limiting beliefs and explore intuitive and creative states. Special Hemi-Sync® and SAM exercises and latest technological advances will be used throughout the day and night to maximise experiences in this special state of consciousness. There are no prerequisites for joining the Lucid Dreaming Intensive program.

Energy Medicine Squared (EM2)

Learn to turbo charge your healing abilities when you combine Reiki training with Hemi-Sync®, Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM), crystal therapy and biofield imaging when you attend Energy Medicine, a 6-day course offered at The Monroe Institute (TMI).  Energy Medicine is taught by Reiki Master Brian Dailey MD, TMI Professional Division Member, Board of Directors Emeritus and Advisory Board Member, and Allyn Evans MBA, Reiki Master and former TMI Outreach Trainer. There are no prerequisites for joining the Energy Medicine Squared program.

Hemi-Sync Weekend Meditation Retreats

(Unless otherwise stated, all weekend workshops commence at 9am on the Saturday and conclude at 6pm, with the timings repeated on the Sunday).

Exploring Consciousness

Exploring Consciousness is the place to start if you’d like to explore more about what we do at The Monroe Institute without having to commit to a full residential program. It is a two-day intensive course with several experiential exercises each day, as well as group discussions, designed to facilitate exploration and understanding of our inner selves using Hemi-Sync® technology Focus™ levels 10 (mind awake/body asleep) and 12 (expanded awareness). Exploring Consciousness graduates also receive a discount coupon which they can use for the Gateway Voyage residential program.

Going Home Weekend

Building on the solid foundations laid down in the Excursion Workshop, you will quickly gain familiarity with states far removed from the physical system to know, not just believe, that you are more than your physical body.
Specifically designed Hemi-Sync® exercises are used to explore Focus™ levels 10 through to 27 (the Park described in Robert Monroe‘s book: Ultimate Journey).

Beyond Going Home Weekend

Open to graduates of the Going Home Weekend, this is a weekend program designed to  further deepen your understanding and potential applications of the state that Robert Monroe designated Focus 27 and the preceding Belief System Territories, as well as establishing a solid relationship with your inner guidance or Inner Self Helper.

Journey Into Art

Combining and amplifying our rational, scientific aspects with our intuitive, playfulness, Journey into Art is a beautiful journey into creative living and awakening your latent creative potential.

Journey Into Art – Deeper

The program further builds on the experiences and skills acquired during the Journey into Art workshop with a weekend of total immersion in which we harmonise with our natural creative core.

Into The Light Workshop

Into The Light is a weekend workshop using Hemi-Sync® to explore Near-Death Experiences.

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