Where: Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire

Prerequisite: Intro to Beyond Meditation, Beyond Meditation, or Gateway Voyage required

Cost: £1350 per person
(6 nights’ all-inclusive: Includes all meals – home-cooked, lodging, seminar activities, and local airport/station pick-up and drop-off)
£100 early booking discount if booked 60 days in advance.

GoCardless Direct Debit payment plans available on request.



The program runs from 4pm on the first day until 9am of the last day, inclusive. Prices based on 2 people sharing an en-suite room. Single room supplement may be available upon request.Once you’ve pre-registered, you will be contacted by email to receive the next steps to complete your booking.

Explore the nonphysical state of being and the consciousness spectrum related to out-of-body experiences. Practice a variety of separation techniques with an emphasis on energy work in preparation for controlled out-of-body practice.

Know that you are more than your physical body. Explore your multidimensional nonphysical nature. Begin by learning Robert Monroe’s methods for achieving an out-of-body state, his personal exploration and his models of the nonphysical realm.

Learn to recognize the differences between OBE, Remote Sensing, Lucid Dreaming, and Bilocation. Explore additional models and perspectives that have emerged along the OBE spectrum. Develop skills for navigating, perceiving and interpreting within these additional nonphysical realms. Discover other perspectives that can deepen your understanding of self-directed consciousness exploration. Experience a greater wholeness and sense of freedom within all aspects of your nonphysical self.

Lucid dreaming and out-of-body states are somewhat similar, with each having its unique characteristics. Practice lucid dreaming techniques based on Monroe trainers Luigi and Thomas’ Lucid Dreaming program. Begin in a lucid dream and transform your experience into an OBE.

Another form of spontaneous OBE is a near-death experience. Learn how to deliberately enter the near-death realm. Experience the physical separation into the nonphysical, bask in the warm embrace of your energetic self and easily return to the physical realm at will.

Learn how to have an OBE with clarity, confidence and success. Developed by a team of Monroe trainers this OBE course draws upon over 50 years of experience in the field of human consciousness exploration. OBE Spectrum offers you a broad foundational knowledge of what an OBE is, the variations of an OBE and how to consciously initiate them at will.

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Note: Accommodation is based on two people sharing a room. Please indicate on your application form if you require a single room. A single room supplement charge may apply.