In 2008, The Monroe Institute began to investigate a complementary method of producing the consciousness altering effects of Hemi-Sync®, a safe and effective essential component of our educational programs for decades. We were looking for an audio support technology that would extend the range, scope and flexibility of our seminar programs and educational materials. The new Spatial Angle Modulation Technology™ (SAM) was developed to meet those needs. SAM will not replace existing Hemi-Sync® products or programs, but will hopefully provide the platform for future seminar programs and educational materials.

The SAM audio support technology was developed within the context of contemporary scientific revelations about consciousness and neural microtubules which, based on a quantum mind hypothesis, supposes that consciousness consists of a series of discrete events or objective reductions (at +/- 40Hz) of the quantum wave function within neural microtubules. We experience these as a continuous flow of consciousness, as do we individual frames in a movie; our consciousness appears continuous because the frames are happening in rapid succession.

spatial angle modulation

Once modern science uncovered what appears to be a neurological basis for personal experiences such as intuition, inspiration, revelation, transcendence, ESP, NDE, etc., we set about developing an advanced sound technology founded on this new understanding. The result of this effort is an innovation based on the established principles of acoustic resonance and fits well into our long history of audio guidance systems.

Rather than binaural beating to achieve its effect, Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) uses a single frequency tone digitally movement-modulated for presentation in a stereophonic field. Using stereo headphones or speakers, the spatial angle of the apparent sound source moves more rapidly than the brain can process as a Doppler shift anomaly. As a result, the brain produces a modulation or change in the tone – a tremolo effect similar to binaural beating. It is this tremolo effect coupled with the size and orientation of the movement arc produced that give SAM its ability to influence regional brain activity and changes in states of consciousness.

In practice, multiple signals (SAM arcs at different frequencies and locales) may be presented simultaneously. In addition to controlling the nominal frequency of the sound source and the frequency at which the arc effect is produced, there are several other parameters that can be adjusted to control spatial aspects of the signal and its measurable effects on regional neural activity and consciousness.

spatial arcs

Because microtubules exhibit resonance at specific audio frequencies (see article here, and the references there in), it was possible to develop a system of resonant SAM wave patterns to align microtubule cellular structures (viz. the Cymatic effect). This necessarily alters the geometry of zero-point-field (ZPF) spaces (plenums) at molecular and atomic levels within selected regions of the brain. As the geometric symmetry of the plenums increase, so does ZPF quantum coherence; both within plenums and between geometrically matching plenums. The greater the quantum coherence quotient, the more non-local awareness emerges or what one might call experiential quantum entanglement, the gate key to non-local awareness.

The SAM audio support technology provides a means of inducing altered states of consciousness ranging from deep relaxation to expanded perceptual abilities and other “extraordinary” states. When SAM is combined with other sensory-information techniques (such as sitting in a darkened room), social-psychological conditioning tools (such as group communitas), and educational curriculum (in which new cognitive, “consciousness expansion” skills are learned), it has the ability destabilize the ongoing baseline state of consciousness (usually the normal waking state). And, as the process continues, the SAM stimuli are modified and become patterning forces to engender various altered states of consciousness. Eventually, a new self-stabilized structure (the desired altered state of consciousness) forms and is supported by SAM thus providing access to a variety of beneficial applications and personal experiences of expanded states of consciousness.

Another way to picture all this, illustrated with the movie frame metaphor above, is that with the SAM quantum mind technology we will be able to alter the frame exposure rate for perceived local reality (+/- 40Hz), the interlude between frames (when you are entangled with all space/time), and the exposure period for both perspectives. With this new technology, you may be able to move across the “bridge to other reality systems” and integrate your experiences there, craft a genuinely meaningful life, realize your true Self and, thereby, benefit all of humankind.

We believe that the objective evidence for SAM’s effectiveness in facilitating enhanced states of awareness will be shown in ongoing studies of gamma synchrony as an electrophysiological correlate of consciousness itself.