Spoon Bending Samples

Where: Zoom

Prerequisite: No previous experience with Monroe Sound Science, Hemi-Sync® and other Monroe Institute tools is required.

Cost: £90 per person



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Taught by Allyn Evans, Reiki Master Teacher, Monroe Institute Residential/Virtual Trainer and Luigi Sciambarella, Monroe Institute Residential/Virtual Trainer

Allyn and Luigi have the pleasure of teaching OBE Spectrum together for Monroe Institute

This will be a fun day! And due to popular demand, we are offering constantly adding new dates so please check back often if the event is sold out.

You will experience the power of your focused intention!

Who Would Benefit from this Class?

You! This is an ideal way to expand and stretch yourself as you march through your self-evolution. You’ve already opened this door. Now, it’s time to take another step. This one just happens to be a lot of fun. We’ll laugh a lot. We’ll experience Hemi-Sync sound technology to help us reach a good place for manipulating matter and we’ll also use other techniques.

Why Attend?

You will better understand your own innate ability to influence time and space, which means that it is something you can apply to other situations in your life. You will …

  • Better understand just how powerful you are.
  • Transition from believing to knowing, and if not completely you will be well on your way!
  • Feel more connected to something bigger than you.

The Particulars

We will gather on Zoom. You will be experiencing several meditations that will be live-streamed so you’ll want to have wired headsets or earbuds on hand. Noise-canceling is best, in our opinion, although not required, because it can help you delve more deeply into the experience (by reducing outside noises). You’ll want to have a comfortable place to meditate. We recommend that you get extended wire, if needed, so that you can be comfortable lying down. You’ll want to be able to receive the meditations in stereo sound for the most powerful impact. This means you’ll need to access zoom from a computer or laptop. Smartphones, iPads, notebooks, and similar will not work.

What else do you need to bring to the party?

We’d like you to bring a couple of spoons or forks. Forks can be fun because you can work on the tines. Your fork or spoon can be light, medium or heavyweight. A lightweight spoon or fork is easily bent and can also be bent easily by most anyone. If you go with a lightweight, your intention would be more focused on bending and twisting beyond what can be commonly done. A medium-weight fork or spoon is our preference. So, we highly recommend that you have at least one of those. If you want to try your hand at plastic, bring one or two plastic forks and spoons. If you have questions, let us know.

How Many Spoons and Forks Do I Need to Bring?

You can have one and use it for all the different ways we’ll introduce. This would mean you’d continue to work with the same utensil even if it gets bent already. For example, you could work more on the tines or twisting it more. If we were in your shoes, we’d have three or four on hand and at least one plastic fork or spoon.

The Results

Because most of all of you will never have tried to bend a spoon before, you could find at the end of the afternoon, your spoon looks just like it did when you started. That could happen! And, if it does just know that you will walk away with a spoon and plenty of information to help you accomplish the task in your own time. You keep practicing and it will happen!

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The course is limited to 24 participants each day. Join us and hold on to your hats … it’s a fun one!

“You are more than your physical body. Go experience for yourself.”

~ Robert Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Institute and Creator of Hemi-Sync

Spoon Bending Without Force is offered by Monroe Institute UK and is not an official Monroe Institute workshop