Luigi SciambarellaLuigi Sciambarella Residential and Outreach Trainer

Based in England, Luigi Sciambarella is an Outreach, Guest and Residential Trainer for the world-renowned Monroe Institute, established by consciousness pioneer, Robert Monroe. Luigi is a UKCP-registered Hypno-Psychotherapist. He has had out-of-body and lucid dreaming experiences from an early age and has been methodically documenting and studying them for 20 years. Luigi is involved in experimental research to develop new applications for the Institute’s sound technology and is the co-creator of the residential program, the Lucid Dreaming Intensive and content creator for the Expand app. He also facilitates weekend and week-long programs in the UK and globally, as well as giving conference lectures on the exploration of consciousness using sound technology.

Bill Hard

William Hard Guest Trainer

Bill is an expert communicator, as well as being a gifted meditation teacher with thirty years’ experience, he is also an experienced therapist and trainer. He has worked with people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours and their families to bring about greater understanding and positive changes in behaviour. Bill credits this early part of his career as teaching him great precision in understanding nonverbal and symbolic communication. He was responsible for setting up a community support service for families during this time. He then became a trainer designing and delivering training in both public and corporate settings he designed and delivered programmes that addressed many areas of human communication and leadership. He also worked as a performance coach for business leaders, helping them to develop human qualities in a business setting. Some of his star clients doubled their profits within the first year! He has over twenty years’ of experience in teaching counselling skills, group work skills, and assertiveness skills. He was an ordained Buddhist minister for 20 years and has taught many hundreds of people to meditate and guided them in their ongoing practice. He has participated in and led many meditation retreats. For the last two decades, he has worked as a hypno-psychotherapist. As well as enjoying clinical work with individuals he has been a trainer of hypnotherapists for many years. He is also a Certified Instructor, and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist in the USA. He currently teaches for the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, a UKCP accredited college. In fact, when The National College was looking to redesign their foundational hypnotherapy component, he was their first port of call! Likewise, when COVID-19 forced the NCHP training to go online William was instrumental in the re-design. The principal of the NCHP states that the reasons for this were twofold – “his extraordinary ability to create human connection and his deeply intuitive understanding of the mechanics and subtleties of creating and maintaining effective therapeutic relationships.”

Linda LeblancLinda Leblanc Residential and Outreach Trainer

Linda, a Canadian and a naturalized Cypriot, has been an Outreach Facilitator since 2000, and a member of the Professional Division since 1997. She offers Hemi-Sync workshops from her base in the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. She has attended ten residential programs at The Monroe Institute in Virginia and is currently a Residential Facilitator in Europe.

Both a lecturer and a writer, her articles have appeared in magazines and publications in Cyprus and the USA. She contributed an article, “Hemi-Sync in Cyprus”, for the book “Focusing the Whole Brain”, edited by Ronald Russell, published 2004 by Hampton Roads. TMI “Focus” has published seven of her articles, as follows: “Magical Mystical Tours”, Spring 1997; “PSI and Hemi-Sync, Part I”, Summer 1998; “Inaugural Cyprus Gateway Voyage”, Summer 1999; “PSI and Hemi-Sync, Part II”, Winter 1999; “A Father’s Parting Gifts”, Spring/Summer 2002; “An Informal Research Project with a Hearing-Impaired Participant”, Winter 2006; “Getting it Out There: Hemi-Sync comes to Cairo”, Summer/Fall 2007

With her husband, she co-authored Awakening Far Memory: Reincarnation Cards(2007), a unique book and card set which combines ancient wisdom and quantum metaphysics to evoke glimpses into other incarnations.

In 1997, she completed the Summer Study Program at the Institute for Parapsychology (Rhine Research Center) and subsequently co-founded PSYCHOGNOSIA, a not-for-profit organization based in Cyprus, for the study and the dissemination of scientifically accurate information on the paranormal.

In 2006 she entered politics, making history in Cyprus as the first foreign-born person to be elected to public office. She continues to pursue interests in philosophy, consciousness, the paranormal, including UFO phenomenon, sacred sites, ancient civilizations and sustainable community issues.

Thomas Hasenberger Residential and Outreach Trainer

Thomas Hasenberger is an experienced meditator and lucid dreaming explorer. Thomas is an Outreach and Residential Trainer for the Monroe Institute, and runs weekend and week-long programs in Germany and across the world. He is the co-creator of the Lucid Dreaming Intensive residential program and has extensive knowledge of lucid dreaming techniques and practices, out of body experiences and Eastern meditative traditions. Thomas has taught lucid dreaming to psychotherapists in Germany, as well as participating in current scientific research on lucid dreaming using MRI scanners.